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Invoice Procedures

Unless specified in your contract agreement, Invoices for the original contract are to be submitted as follows:

  • 50% at commencement of work, with payment after 50% complete and original Notarized Unconditional lien release.
  • 50% for final billing, with payment after 100% complete, punch list complete and Original Notarized Unconditional Lien release.
  • All change orders are to be billed with your second billing.
  • One (1) week before completion of work, submit in Triplicate One Year Warranty (Subcontractors Guarantee) and all Original Equipment Manuals (OEM), Operating Instruction Manuals and Warranties in a 3 ring binder.

All invoices are too clearly state an itemized listing of work completed, project name, location and the NRGC Project Number. The notarized releases of lien are to be submitted with all invoices. Invoices without a release of lien may have a delay in processing time.

Change orders must be invoiced separately from the original contractual invoice. Change orders must include previous written approval and all receipts and necessary back up attached in break down form showing labor hours, rate and material costs. Change orders are to be submitted to NRGC’s main office to the attention of the project manager prior to commencement of said work.

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